Fatuma Nabosu - My Story

My Name is Fatuma Nabosu a young Kenyan ambassador living in Hamburg Germany. Despite being a Kenyan ambassador, I have joined other women around the world to fight for the Rights of the girl child and women by saying NO TO FGM I started activism a long time ago as FGM survivor

I was born in in Marsabit county northern Kenya and raised on the shores of Lake Turkana Loiyangalani village by my Rendille parents. Rendille people of Kenya, a Cushitic speaking people and sometimes we refer ourselves as the holders of stick of God because we perform Passover „Sorio“, which is in the old Testament.

Being born a Rendille daughter is fun, I love my people and my culture too, because that is my identity. On the other hand, I also disagree with some parts of my culture e.g. FGM that is female genital mutilation, Early Marriages, Child labour, and many other violence facing our women outside there because they are against women rights which are also Human Rights. As a survivor of FGM personally if there is something that I will never forget, is that evening when I went to buy three razor blades which was used in the next morning at around 7. 30 am which was not a good time because most the people were awake by then and it was not a good feeling to find out around 30 women sitting outside our house waiting to see the old lady shopping off our clitorises just imagine my sisters and I sitting down on the ground with our legs wide open where by all of them looking at our pussies, even hearing some saying ooh she is still a virgin and a lot of other gossips .According to my tradition I was the first to be cut because I was the oldest , when the old lady reached to my clitoris with that sharp razor blade and started to cut my clitoris the pain that I felt deep inside my heart is still fresh in my mind , I am a mother I gave birth with difficultly though the pain during my child birth is out of my mind, but the one of the cutting is still in my day to day life, it's not easy to forget. During this period I experienced a lot: excessive bleeding, vomiting and I also felt like thorns were running in my body , after two weeks we started walking outside and when I played with my friends I remember them telling me my legs are becoming fat and brown but I was innocent till I started growing to be a young girl I started realizing all what my friends told me has nothing to do with my legs growing fat but my legs were swollen due to excessive bleeding , all this experiences made me strong an since am in Hamburg am working with many other women around and I also want to go back to my village to build a rescue centre in future if all goes well and that is the reason as to why I have raised my voice by saying Let FGM ends with me.

Kindly your support to help us achieve our dreams by giving home and education to these girls we will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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