How you can support us with donations


Individuals and companies can support us in many ways:

Time donation: As a volunteer you can donate time to GARGAR-CHARITY. A few examples of how you can help us with time: Work in our office e.g. 4 hours a week, or ....
Money donation: We are happy about any money donation and assure you that your support will be appreciated. You decide whether your money should be used for a specific project or whether the work of Gargar-Charity e.V. as a whole should be supported.

Our bank account:



Bank:    Postbank Hamburg

IBAN:  DE 04 1001 0010 0929 0591 08

GARGAR CHARITY e.V. is a non-profit organization. For donations over 100 € we will gladly send you a donation receipt for your German tax office.



Donate with one click for:

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In any case we say countless thanks to all our supporters !